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Donors and Sponsors

We would like to thank the following individuals for their generous support of our mission in 2011.

Individual Donors

  • Al Young
  • Alison Valier
  • Aurina Hunt
  • Barb McMullen
  • Bob Robson
  • Catherine McGee
  • Chris Dahm
  • Chris Romero
  • David Blare
  • David Ember
  • Debie Smith
  • Deborah Cheatham
  • Debra Young
  • Diane Caruso
  • Dr. Ahmed Collins
  • Dr. Ruth Brubaker Rimmer
  • Farrell Quinlan
  • Forrest Wetson
  • Frank Dominic Tamburri
  • Geri Anderson
  • Harvey Hess
  • Jane Lynch
  • Janet Hiatt
  • Jeff A Dial
  • Jeffrey Hrycko
  • John and Lina Price
  • John Widmer
  • Lawrence Wangler
  • Linda Wangler
  • Marge Linblad
  • Michael McGrall
  • Michael Middleton
  • Michael Pietrobono
  • Mike Anderson
  • Nancy Braun
  • Nathan Ulrich
  • Pamella Helmick
  • Pat Wilson
  • Penny Pease
  • Robert Canez
  • Robert Graham
  • Rosemary Ulibarri
  • Scott Taylor
  • Shawna Lynd Thornton
  • Shawnna Bolick
  • Teresa Reuna
  • Thomas Casey
  • Tom and Marty Horne
  • Toni Monti
  • Wendy J Rogers
  • William Schneider
  • Wordell Connerly
Donor List Policy

AmericanFFC values the privacy of its donors. AmericanFFC does not share, sell or rent its donor list, or any portion of its donor list, with any other entity. After making a donation to AmericanFFC, donors may expect to be contacted in the future by AmericanFFC. Donors may also expect publication of their names and giving levels (within large ranges, not specific amounts) on the AmericanFFC website and/or other periodic publication, unless the donor has requested anonymity. If you wish such anonymity, please contact AmericanFFC.

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